Words index - By JLPT

  • JLPT N5

    • Beginner level
    • Some basic japanese words.
  • JLPT N4

    • High beginner level
    • Basic japanese words.
  • JLPT N3

    • Bridge level
    • Japanese words used in everyday situations to a certain degree.
  • JLPT N2

    • Complex level
    • Japanese used in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree.
  • JLPT N1

    • Fluent level
    • Japanese words used in a variety of circumstances.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Kanjisho uses multiple sources of data provided by third parties.

The search results are provided by the wonderful Jisho API which itself uses various data sources which you can find on the jisho's website. The data concerning the kanji strokes are provided by the KanjiVG project, under the CC BY 3.0 FR license. I also use Tatoeba to provide example sentences and Kuroshiro to obtain the furiganas and romajis versions of the sentences.

If you find any vices, errors or malfunctions, please let me know so that I can correct them.